Welcome to Our interior staging services page

Preparing to sell or rent? Feeling overwhelmed by where to start?  Saturated real estate market? Home on the market way too long?

If you've answered yes to one or more of these questions, maybe we can help.


Home staging is not a new concept, it is a savvy approach that some homeowner’s initiate to make their property stand out amongst the competition.  However, not all homeowner’s have the ability, desire or time to take this endeavor on by themselves. 

It’s never too late to stage a home, but if you are thinking about listing or renting, why not get it ready before it is shown or photographed for the MLS.

When a space calls for a little tweaking to reveal the home's true character and function sometimes all that's needed is a resourceful, creative mind to help achieve the desired effects.

Repositioning furniture, adding or rearranging accessories, depersonalizing a space, and updating paint colors are all examples of ways in which we can help to create a lasting first impression of your home.

Where do we start...

We like to start by first defining the goals that the client hopes to accomplish, or if unknown, what we envision for the space.

Once goals are outlined, a plan agreeable to the client is formulated in terms of cost and timing, paving the way for the final task of enhancing what the space has to offer in a cost effective, functional and desirable cohesiveness.  

Fees for staging will be determined once conversation has taken place and objectives are defined.  Every home is unique and needs to be looked at individually.

Our aim, at AlpenGlow Productions, LLC is to highlight your home’s strengths, and downplay its weaknesses.

The ultimate end results are to see you sell, or rent your property quickly, and obtain the best possible price on your investment.