Client Testimonials
The following are some unsolicited comments from our students and clients.

I had a fabulous trip, and you and your beautiful wife were great guides and hosts.  I learned a lot about exposure...still working on that as we speak!

I've been going over my photos from our tour of East Glacier, and despite two days of solid rain, it was truly one of the greatest photo adventures of my life.  Thank you for making that possible!!

Scott F. -

After attending Rick’s Yellowstone Winter class in 2014 I had several positive thoughts and no negatives. All the logistics worked great, the hotel was one of the best in West Yellowstone, and the tracked Van and driver were first class. We had perfect weather for four days and were able to get great photo options with animals, scenery and thermal features. Rick is a professional photographer and was able to answer any technical questions on equipment or setting option for any situation.  The level of my technical ability was greatly enhanced because of this trip. Yellowstone in the winter is a must trip for any photographer.

Tom B. -

Rick and Dody Sheremeta run a fabulous photo tour into the depths of winter Yellowstone that few ever see.

Matt B. -

Obviously, I am thrilled and again wanted to express my thanks for your wonderful workshop in Glacier. I am hoping next summer our times will‎ align better as I would love to take your class one more time, providing you are teaching again...

Bev S. -

Rick- Thanks for the great course experience and I hope our paths cross again.... Take care you are a fine person and very effective instructor.

Michael G -

Thanks so much for your highly instructive Photography Course at Glacier Institute.   Gaining more knowledge about camera  technique, understanding what makes a good photograph and getting out of the old mindset of auto was the highlight of the the course for me.  I appreciate the chance to be inspired by nature and the sights in and around Glacier N. P. were well chosen. 

Hallie R. from the Shields River Valley, MT

I want to thank you again for your time and efforts put into teaching our Photography Class. I teach back home and I know how frustrating and difficult it can be at times; however, you were excellent, as was your presentation material, and manner of teaching. It is easy to tell that you love what you do. 

Terri and I learned a ton and are anxious to review the material so as to grasp the techniques - once we get back home and settled in. 

Again, thank you!!!!

Bev Suszek -